Do you like coffee, or do you love coffee? If your one of those coffee lovers then – you gota lick!

Express how much you love your coffee, lick the rim of your coffee cup. You can now lick the rim of your cup with flavors created by culinary experts. Try the Cinnamon Chocolate with sugar and salt rim

Invented by Jason Roe the CEO of Kundalini Coffee Company in the Four Seasons infinity pool. Mr Roe became intrigued by seeing so many guest licking their Mi Thai glass persistently, and they all enjoyed it. Seeing of so many people in the pool enjoying the lick of the Mi Thai rim, inspired the vision to get people licking their Kundalini Coffee, coffee cup rim with the same for enjoyment and persistence. At the Four Seasons we call it Like my Coffee and in Hawaii linking the coffee is – –   ka ‘oi